Meet the Two Bad Kitties

I thought I might take some time to introduce you to the inspiration for the name of my blog.  I have two cats, Simon and Sasha.  They’ve lived with me for two years now.  You notice I didn’t say I’ve “owned” them for two years, cats are never “owned” by anyone! I thought it would be be best to allow them to write their own posts to introduce themselves.

I’m Simon, the black cat in the photo.  I think I’m quite handsome in spite of my slightly crossed eyes – it makes me more mysterious.  I have a few hobbies I enjoy, but in particular, I am a big fan of q-tips.  They are easy to carry and fun to bat around.  Each morning when I hear the lid to the q-tip jar clank, I head into the bathroom and take my spot on the counter and wait for my mom to give me one.    I then run off to play with it for a while.  Sometimes it gets away from me under the closet door downstairs. Other times when I’m done playing with it, I’ll drop it in the water dish for safe keeping. I like to be affectionate, but sometimes I get yelled at when I try.  For some reason, my mom doesn’t like to pet me at night.  There we’ll be, laying in bed and she’ll be sleeping, not doing anything else.  So I wake her up. That usually involves licking her face (including her eyelids, that usually gets her attention) or I will sit behind her and hit her in the head with my paw and then drag it across her scalp with my claws extended just every so slightly.  I have a sister, Sasha, who I like playing with sometimes, but most of the time, she’s just a pain in the butt.

I’m Sasha, the pretty one.  I have to keep an eye on Simon to make sure he isn’t doing something he shouldn’t be and that takes a lot of effort.  I was a teenage mother and living in a shelter before my Mom found me and brought me to live with her.  Yes, I know I have a scandalous past, but that is all behind me now.  I’m living the life I was meant to live.  I have long, beautiful fur that needs a lot of brushing, but I can’t be bothered if I’m not in the mood.  My mother calls me a “drama queen”.  I’m not sure what that means, but I know I’m a queen. For fun, I like to carry various toys around in my mouth.  It’s important that everyone knows that I have something so I’ll meow loudly to announce it.  Usually this is late at night when it’s real quiet.   I’m also what you would call a connoisseur of food.  I like all food – especially whatever my mom is eating.  She forgets to share so I have to remind her with a lot of meowing and climbing up the front of the cabinets.

There you have it, straight from the bad kitties themselves.  I’ll be sharing more about them in future posts.  I may even let them write one or two if they behave.



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4 responses to “Meet the Two Bad Kitties

  1. Too bad the two bad kitties can’t meet the two bad doggies. 🙂

  2. Simon conveniently forgot to mention his tendency to knock things off the dresser for kicks, and his habit of chewing on shoelaces!

  3. babs67

    I gave them a limit on how much they could type. Otherwise, they would have written a novel. You know how verbose they can be.

  4. Anne

    Hootie likes Q-tips too! When I get out the shower she’s usually sitting waiting on me (or her coo-tip, rather – she’s not good w/ long vowels). Once I give her one, she plays w/ it between the tank and seat until it falls into the toilet. Then she likes to fish it out. She’s fascinated when I put on deodorant, too (or maybe just seeing mommy naked under her robe). I let her smell the deodorant stick and she sneezes every time!

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