Balancing the Blogosphere

My boyfriend, skullstars, has his own blog that I read daily and also comment on frequently.  You know, it’s the kinda thing you do to keep the peace in the relationship, <ahem>.  Anyway, he is a big fan of horror writing and movies and those are frequent topics on his blog.  I thought it was about time I balanced out all that scary stuff with a post about one of MY favorite genre of movies.  I love a good romance, one with two characters that are destined to be together, but haven’t figured it out for themselves.  That sounds formulaic and it can be, but if the characters are more than one-dimensional and aren’t a couple of complete idiots, it will draw me in time and time again. 

Some of my favorites are A Room with a View one of Merchant-Ivory’s best films. George Emerson is such a great guy to fall in love with.  Another is When Harry Met Sally which to me represented how a good relationship between a man and a woman should be.  They are friends first; lovers second.  I see too many real life relationships where the husband and wife don’t even like each other – they are just together because they wanted to “be married” and “have kids” – you know, check the box off their list.  Another one is Enchanted April which has several couples either falling in love for first time or rediscovering their love for each other.  It also emphasizes the need for women to be more than just some man’s wife.   Alfred Molina and Jim Broadbent are in it – they are two of my boyfriend’s favorite actors – maybe I can convince him to watch it with me now.  Or I can lie and say it is a horror flick involving talking decapitated heads and flesh-eating bacteria from outerspace.



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2 responses to “Balancing the Blogosphere

  1. Geez, I’ve never even heard of the film “Undead”. Is it any good? Are you going to do a review? 🙂

    My favorite romance movie (and I do like some of them, I’m not completely evil) is still L.A. Story . There’s something charming about the fact that Steve Martin and Victoria Tennant’s characters are just utterly weird people. Maybe I see myself in there somewhere…

  2. “That sounds formulaic and it can be, but if the characters are more than one-dimensional and aren’t a couple of complete idiots, it will draw me in time and time again. ”

    I don’t think something being formulaic is necessarily a problem: most movies out there are following some sort of rough formula. The real question is what sort of interesting variations one can add to that formula to make something new come out of it.

    Variations are accepted in music, why not in film?

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