The Strange Habits of Kitties

My cats, like other cats, have some strange habits.  Most of them aren’t bothersome, but I find myself wondering how the heck they picked them up in the first place.

Besides Simon’s obsession with Q-tips, he is also obsessed with shoe laces.  He has chewed clean through a couple pairs of laces on my tennis shoes.  I’ve learned to keep them in the closet with the door closed and my boyfriend makes sure his are tucked under a piece of furniture to keep the feline masticater from destroying his laces.  He won’t eat directly from a bowl; instead he scoops the food out of the bowl with his left paw (and only his left paw) and then eats it off the kitchen floor.  He is also very frustrated/fascinated with baths.   He will come running from wherever he is in the house when he hears the bathtub start to fill.  Once I’m in the tub, he paces on the side of the tub and meows loudly and furitively at me while trying to figure out how to get into the tub. It gets even more interesting when his tail accidently dips into the water.  This confuses the heck out of him and he spins around on the floor trying to catch his tail to get whatever it is that is spraying the drops of water on him. 

Sasha isn’t quite as odd as Simon but she has her quirks.  She gets into the bathtub after you’ve showered and drinks all the water that is still pooling in the tub.  This must be some sort of delicacy for her.  She also has a nasty habit of rubbing herself on underwear and clothes – both clean and dirty.  She rubs the side of her face against them and then rolls around on it. I’ve caught her laying on the floor with her head sticking through the leg of my gym shorts. She recently dragged two pairs of my boyfriend’s clean underwear from a pile of clothes on the floor and had rolled all over them.  I knew it was her from the large quantities of blond fur covering them when I found them.

I guess like humans they find things that bring them comfort or entertainment and latch on to them.  I’m glad that I haven’t picked up any bad habits like rubbing against underwear though…


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  1. “She recently dragged two pairs of my boyfriend’s clean underwear from a pile of clothes on the floor and had her way with them (such a dirty girl).”

    I’m still trying to accept the fact that your cat likes my underwear more than me…

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