The Search for the Perfect Pair of Underwear

I have been on a mission lately to find the holy grail of under garments.  I am looking for a perfect pair of underwear.  These undies will meet the following requirements; they will fit well – no riding up or falling/rolling down; they will not show through my clothing – no bump or lump or double-butt creation can occur or detailed outlines of the embellishments can be evident; they will last more than two washings; and finally, they will be cute and come in nice colors. 

I doesn’t seem like I’m asking a lot, but for some reason, this article of clothing is alluding me.  I, the shopping maven, am having the toughest time finding those along with the inability to locate a pair ankle boots with a medium high heel in black leather with a slightly pointy toe and some details on them to make them cute – oh and under $75 and in my size.

I did the thong-thing when I was younger and more tolerant of those types of irritations.  Now that I’m older, I just don’t have the patience for them and I don’t think there is enough fabric separating certain body parts from my clothing.

I’ve bought 3 different styles of underwear in the last two months.  The first style has a 1″ band of lace around the top and the legs.  They aren’t too skimpy and look cute on.  Unfortunately, the lace shows through my pants and one pair came out of the dryer with the lace in shreds. Another style is a heavy, all-over lace.  They fit well and hold up in the wash, but unfortunately, the lace pattern creates what looks like cellulite across my entire butt.  The third and most latest style I picked up over the weekend.  These have no lace or embellishment to cause any kind of distractions on my behind.  They fit pretty well I guess, they are the kind that look like they are two sizes too small at first, but stretch to fit when you put them on.  They are a pretty light shade of pink, but when they are stretched across my big butt, they look something like a bad shade of white.  I kind of feel like I’m being encased in shrink wrap.

The other problem with buying underwear is that you never know how they are going to work out until you actually wear them for a day.  They might feel fine when you leave the house, but 2 hours later when you are sitting at your desk trying to figure out how to yank them out of your butt without anyone in your office seeing, you get a little perturbed.

I will continue my quest and let you know if I’m successful.  In the meantime, let me know if you’ve found undies that meet my requirements.



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2 responses to “The Search for the Perfect Pair of Underwear

  1. Cool post…how is your search going? I just ended my own search for the “perfect” pair of underwear and I’m thrilled to say I think I found them. Check out my post here:
    Let me know what you think!


  2. becky

    hi, i just searched perfect underwear on google.
    I know they are kind of expensive, but if you are willing to do a thong like thing, I would do hanky panky.
    its a lacy thong, but one that you cant even really feel. im not much of a thong person, but i love these.

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