The Way People Live

Last weekend my boyfriend and I had a Christmas party at my place.  We made sure that the house was clean and neat before everyone arrived.  My house isn’t always perfectly clean (yes, I know that is shocking!) but I try to keep some semblance of order and not live like a slob.

Being a former interior designer, I like watching HGTV.  They show a lot of programs about fixing up your house to sell.  These are probably pretty popular given the housing market. I am constantly floored at the houses that are featured.  What amazes me is the state of disrepair and general dirtiness that other people live in.  For example, the most recent show I watched featured a family in a $600,000 house.  It had been on the market for 6 months and not had any offers.  The owners were just mystified that they hadn’t been able to sell it. When the cameras toured the house, it was obvious to me why it hadn’t.  The front yard had foot-high grass, a tree that had fallen down and bushes that were cut down and left sitting there.  Inside there was crayon on the walls from their children (brats) and the living room carpet was filthy.  They tried to hide the carpet under an area rug – gross.  And, the front window had a broken pain of glass.  These people were not struggling for cash as evidenced by the incredibly HUGE flat panel TV in the living room.  I think maybe they spent a little too much time sitting on their asses in front of it instead of watching their kids and cleaning up the house and mowing the yard.   The Realtor suggested they lower the asking price and they were incredulous.  What did they think? That people want to move into a place that needs lots of work?  Would they? I’m guessing “no” since they didn’t want to fix up the place they currently live in.  Sheesh!  People are dumb.


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