Geeks are the New Chic? Really? I’m so ahead of the curve…

I haven’t gotten around to writing in quite a while – almost two months now.   I have been busy with my new job (oh yeah, I haven’t updated on that, have I) so I don’t have as much free time during the day to jot down my thoughts. 

But anyway, back to the heart of this blog post… I saw this article on Huffington Post how more women have recently recognized that intellect is far more attractive than muscles.  These geeks are getting their own groupies too.   These guys have a deep intellectual curiousity and have accomplished some really extrordinary things using their brains.  I have my very own geek and he is incredibly smart and not the least bit boring.  Not only is he a very accomplished physicist, he also skydives, figure skates, writes and plays the guitar (both accoustic and electric).  Long after any muscles or brawn have disappeared with age, he’ll still have all of these things.

He’s smart and interesting but on top of that he’s great fun to hang out with.   I’m always baffled by the women who marry men that spend every weekend playing golf with their buddies and glued to the TV watching the <insert sport here> game.  These women don’t seem to mind this – they are out with their girlfriends shopping, getting their nails done, etc.  but barely spend significant alone time with their husbands.   I’m not saying you should give up all of your friends and spend every waking second with each other either.  My boyfriend and I LIKE to spend time with each other.  He still goes skydiving (weather permitting) on Saturdays and I run around and do those girly things while he’s there.  But for the rest of the weekend, we spend the all of our time together.  We go for bike rides or go shopping or recently I’ve started skating so we go to the rink for an hour or so.  I’ve gone on two week-long vacations with him and we haven’t ended the trip fighting and anxious to get away from each other like I hear so many other people complain.  If anything, I go through withdrawal when I have to spend time without him.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  I realize this post is rather prescient now given that fact.  I hope he realizes how much I love and appreciate him and that he is the person I’d most like to spend my free time with.  Love you Sweetie!


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  1. Thanks Sweetie! I got chills when I read your post. You’re pretty wonderful, too!

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