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People Suck

I haven’t written for quite some time.  I’ve been really busy at work and still trying to get my health issues under control.  I finally found an endocrinologist who was actually interested in helping me find out what was wrong with me and how to fix it.  I went in two weeks ago last Friday to see him for the first time.  He requested a whole host of blood work on me.  He said it would take a couple of weeks for all the results to come in.  Last Thursday I called his office to inquire about the status of my results.  I left a message since the nurse was unavailable.  On Friday afternoon, I hadn’t heard back so I called again.  The receptionist tried reaching the nurse again.  He came back and said that the nurse said that the results were back and that the doctor was reviewing them.  She said she expected to have them back from him that afternoon.  Friday afternoon came and went with no answer.  I am so anxious to hear back about these results because I have been feeling unwell for so long and I am hoping that this doctor has finally started to put the pieces together.  Anyway, I figured if I didn’t hear back from them on Friday, I would hear on Monday.  At four o’clock yesterday afternoon I still hadn’t heard, so I called back.  I left an actual voicemail on the nurse’s phone.  I explained that I was anxious to hear and that even if she called to let me know when I should expect to hear back that would be great.  I was in an all-day meeting today away from my voicemail.  I checked my work voicemail periodicallly throughout the day.  Finally at 3:30 the nurse left me a voicemail to call her back.  I called at 4:00 when I could step out of the meeting.  The receptionist tried several times to get the nurse because he knew I’d been calling and trying to get an answer.  He finally was able to contact the nurse.  He said she was busy with a patient, but that another nurse was going to call me.  I explained that I was in an all-day meeting and that my cell phone didn’t have good reception but to have the other nurse leave a phone number if she didn’t get me.  He said that she worked until 5:30 and would call me before she left.  Surprise, surprise, NO ONE CALLED ME BACK!!!  At this point I was livid.  I called back and got their after hours answering service.  I was given a recorded message and told to hold for the next available representative.  I was on hold for five minutes when someone answered and asked me to hold.  I was then on hold for another FIVE MINUTES before I finally gave up.  I was beside myself I was so angry at this point.  I finally called back a while later.  I was on hold for almost five minutes when someone finally answered.  She wanted to put me on hold.  I told her “no”.  She wanted to know what my problem was.  I told her my problem was that “NO ONE IN THE OFFICE WOULD CALL ME BACK!!!!”  I told her to leave a message with the office that I was done being nice and patient and I wanted someone to call me back before 9 am tomorrow morning.  We’ll see if they call me back. Maybe if they got email like this article it might help.

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