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Why online dating is like fishing…

I think I would qualify as an online dating veteran.  I joined back in 2000 and used it off and on again for seven years and yahoo personals on occasion.  Excluding my wonderful fiance who I met on Match last January, I met and had serious relationships with 4 other guys in that time.  I can also happily say I never had any disastrous dates or met any wackos through the personals.

I have a great friend who is smart, beautiful, funny and independent.  She’s never been married, no kids, no bad habits except for buying lots of shoes, but that is forgivable.   She’s trying online dating again with some level of frustration.  I have lots and lots of advice for men that are doing online dating but I’ll save that for another post.  In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about online dating and how it really is a lot like fishing.

My grandfather liked to hunt and fish and garden – a real outdoorsy kind of guy.  He had four daughters before he had a son who could go hunting with him.  Then he had seven granddaughters before his first grandson (we must have very dominant X chromosones in our family).  I think he got tired of waiting for a grandson and figured he’d make do with the pack of granddaughters he was given.  His doctor had a small pond on a piece of land.  He let my grandfather go fishing there anytime he wanted.  Every so often a bunch of us would be staying at their house while our parents were “out on the town”. 

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