Wii Fit? – No, “We not-so Fit”

I just brushed away all the cobwebs from this blog since it’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  The fiance gives me a hard time sometimes about not having written.  Well, you know, it’s not like I have a new house that looks like a disaster and has nothing but builder’s white on the walls except for eight square patches in the guest bedroom where I tried out some potential colors, or that my associate and I at the Bank are doing the work of FOUR people, or that I have a wedding to plan and that has a to-do list that is still 2 pages long.  Nope, none of that, just sitting around eating bon-bons and ignoring the blog.  Yep, that’s me.

But the fiance was kind enough to go out and get me the new Wii Fit so I guess I’ll forgive him for bugging me about blogging.  He came home with it last night and surprised me with it.  I was really excited about it and set it up right away.  When you start using the board for the first time, it creates a profile of your fitness to go with your Mii.  It asks questions about your age and height, calculates your BMI (it weighs you so you can’t lie) and then has you do a balance test.  After all of that, it comes up with your “Fitness Age”.  That’s about when I went from being excited to nearly in tears.  The Wii Fit board told me I was 56 years old in fitness age.  I just turned 41 so that was pretty disheartening to see.  My Mii on the screen was pretty upset too.

I realize I am out of shape and overweight but seeing the HUGE number 56 on the screen really hurt.  I used to play tennis 2-3 times a week, ride my bike for miles, go for a hike and fit into my size 8 pants.  Then as my hypothyroidism got worse I couldn’t do those activities without getting wiped out for a day or getting some injury.  Now that I’m taking the right medication and supplements, I feel better, but part of me is still afraid to try to push myself to do exercise for fear that I will end up on the couch or in bed recovering.

I am very motivated though to lose the weight I’ve gained over the last two years.  I would like to look good in my wedding pictures and not look back at them and cringe.  In spite of the grim evaluation the Wii Fit gave me, I did a few of the activities that are on the disc.  The yoga poses were pretty basic compared to what I usually do. I did some running in place holding the Wii remote – that was fun – the scenery is nice and you see all the other Mii’s in your game running along with your or standing on the side of the path so it looks like you’re are actually running – they should put that on treadmills.  The most fun was the hula toss.  You start out with a single hula hoop that you have to keep spinning around your hips.  Then two of your Mii friends stand on either side and toss additional hoops for you to catch and start spinning.  It’s so much fun you don’t realize you are working up a sweat.  

I’m not sure that I’ll be any more diligent about my blogging going forward.  I do have all those things on my plate right now and I’ve now added changing the We Not-So-Fit to We Fit!



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3 responses to “Wii Fit? – No, “We not-so Fit”

  1. SA

    I know how difficult it is to get the bones and muscles moving, I’m almost 60 and find I start to gain weight right away if I stop doing Body’Fit pH balanced cardio (short form… pHx). Plus it helps me get more out of exercise in general, whether it’s walking or yoga… or mountain biking, which I’ve recently discovered the joy of.
    P.S. I got married when I was 50!!! I’m in better shape now then I was then.

  2. babs67

    No, the cats didn’t seem very interested in it. They prefer when I do yoga so that they can lay on the mat and get in my way.

    I forgot to mention there is a ski jump that is really fun. It’s just like in the Olympics. Great for your butt muscles I’m sure.

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