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Mind Over Fatter

So, I was getting dressed for work this morning and put on a pair of my “large’ pants and they were TIGHT!  Argh!  The scale has been slowly creeping up a few pounds over the last few weeks.  I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  When I was thinner, I often wondered how people could let themselves get so fat.  I would gain a few pounds and immediately increase my exercise and cut back on eating and lose it.  I couldn’t understand how anyone could gain 10, 20, or 50 pounds.  Now I know.  When I started gaining weight a couple of years ago, I tried my exercise and diet routine and didn’t lose anything.  I then tried exercising harder and more often – still after 4 months I had nothing to show for it except an injured back.  On top of it, I was exhausted.

So, I gave up trying to exercise.  And part of my illness causes hypoglycemia when I am stressed – either physically or emotionally.  When I get that I just want to eat carbs.  It becomes a vicious cycle because then my blood sugar would shoot up and then drop down too low again and I’d have to eat carbs.  Since my insulin levels were all over the place, anything I ate would be immediately converted to fat stores.  Lovely. There would be some weeks if I was really stressed I would gain 3-5 pounds.  And once it was there, it wasn’t coming off. 

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